Other Features

Customize your own communication cell.

Upload photos, videos and links.

Unlimited text messaging using wifi

(where available)

Text privately with anyone you meet.

Anonymity is optional.

Invite your Facebook friends.

Adjust your communication bubble …

Chat with just those at an event.

Why Hookie?

With Hookie’s ability to customize the distance of your messages, you can create your own communication cell. Broadcast and receive messages in restaurants and bars, classrooms, households, offices, sporting events, theme parks, and airports. The possibilities are endless.

Already companies are using Hookie for intra-office communication. Have your employees set the distance of their messages to just beyond the circumference of the office, and you immediately have your own office messaging system.

Or, imagine you’re the assistant director on an independent film shooting outside of Austin. To better communicate with your cast and crew, tell them to set the distance of their messages to 500 feet (depending on the size of your production) – and then begin sending them messages during your shoot day: “We’re breaking for lunch at 12:30.” “Does anyone have eyes on Ryan? We need him on the set.”

In a coffee shop, anyone using Hookie can reach out to anyone else in the same place – for any reason whatsoever. Whether it’s to say hi, or… “Anyone have an iPhone charger I can use for 10 minutes? My phone is about to die!”

And at the same time, the coffee shop owner can post drink and food specials to anyone else using Hookie in his store: “Free coffee refills for everyone for the next hour. Use the code word: BROOKLYN.”

Hookie is perfect for college campuses. Using Hookie, students in a classroom can communicate with any other students in the same classroom by setting the broadcast range to 200 feet.

And if you connect with someone special and want to take the communication private, you have option of texting each other one-on-one.

Hookie is simple. It’s cool. And it’s fun. And it’s free in the iTunes App Store.

Get Hookie today!